EverEarth Fisherman's Bead Fun


With the Fischer motor skills loop from EverEarth, children can go on a sea voyage. You will get to know the different marine animals that a fisherman encounters in his everyday life. In this way, the little ones can playfully improve their hand-eye coordination.

The starfish, the jellyfish, a fish, a flatfish, a puffer fish and a crab accompany your child in the discovery t improve hand-eye coordination.

This product trains children in the following areas of learning:

  • Discover the world: Playing can support the child's curiosity and create a natural incentive to discover something new. It gets to know the world and thereby finds out how things work and what their meaning is.
  • Fine motor skills: This toy promotes the child's sense of touch and grasp and promotes their dexterity. The children get a feel for fine movements and their own hands. By trying things out, exploring objects and perceiving them with all their senses, it helps the child to develop their senses in the long term.
  • Hand-eye coordination: This toy promotes hand-eye coordination in particular and helps in the long term to further develop the child's motor skills and body perception. In a playful way, it learns to use its hands and fingers more skillfully.
  • Creativity and Imagination: Children have flowering imaginations. By playing, you get new opportunities to express your creativity and let your imagination run wild. Thanks to their ideas and their imagination, children playfully redesign the world.
  • Solving Problems: Encountering tricky challenges while playing helps children deal with problems. In everyday life, too, solving problems becomes child's play. Mastering these challenges then increases self-confidence and promotes the learning process.
  • Build self-confidence: By bringing in their ideas, the children develop a sense of self-worth. When playing, they set tasks and challenges for themselves. With every challenge mastered, your self-confidence is strengthened. They learn to communicate with others and strengthen their social skills.
  • Stimulate perceptions: By activating the different senses, children can strengthen their perceptions very early on. This in turn ensures curious children who are attentive to new challenges.

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