My First Book 4 - Amazing Circus

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The show is about to begin. Let’s welcome the crew! 

My first book - Amazing Circus features plenty of shows and performances, creating a dreamy, joyful, wonderful circus experience for young readers. 

My first book - Amazing Circus is also a book that tries to let children learn to narrate. Children’s narrative ability tends to increase with age, experience, and knowledge and it in the processing of chronological order, spatial order, logic and relationship. The book breaks down the performances into different scenes, allowing children to participate in the joyful games, interacting with their parents - describing and the logical relationships between space, time, order, and the subtle growth of knowledge in the games.

Designed for 3-6 years old kids, this learning set includes one fabric book and one waterproof backpack as shown in the photo. All materials are non-toxic and are safe to use for children.