EverEarth Building Blocks (50 Pieces)


With the colorful building blocks from EverEarth, there are no limits to children's creativity. The set contains 50 colorful wooden blocks with which the little ones can build very large structures.

The different colored wooden blocks come in a wide variety of shapes. In this way, the children are playfully stimulated to recognize colors and shapes and to sort them. The building blocks particularly promote the dexterity and motor skills of the children.

This product trains the following fields of learning for children:

  • Thinking : A child's logical thinking is encouraged by encouraging the child to discover patterns, symmetries or structures while playing. The child begins to understand how things work, which is one of the best experiences of playing.
  • Fine motor skills: This toy promotes the child's sense of touch and grasp and promotes their dexterity. The children get a feel for fine movements and their own hands. By trying things out, exploring objects and perceiving them with all their senses, it helps the child to develop their senses in the long term.
  • Recognizing shapes: By playing with different shapes and figures, a child's understanding of shape is promoted, while the child's spatial imagination and fine motor skills improve at the same time.
  • Hand-eye coordination: This toy promotes hand-eye coordination in particular and helps in the long term to further develop the child's motor skills and body perception. In a playful way, it learns to use its hands and fingers more skillfully.
  • Communication skills: Slipping into new roles while playing and interacting with others can give children a better feeling for dealing with other people and improve their communication skills.
  • Creativity and Imagination: Children have flowering imaginations. By playing, you get new opportunities to express your creativity and let your imagination run wild. Thanks to their ideas and their imagination, children playfully redesign the world.
  • Solving Problems: Encountering tricky challenges while playing helps children deal with problems. In everyday life, too, solving problems becomes child's play. Mastering these challenges then increases self-confidence and promotes the learning process.
  • Build self-confidence: By bringing in their ideas, the children develop a sense of self-worth. When playing, they set tasks and challenges for themselves. With every challenge mastered, your self-confidence is strengthened. They learn to communicate with others and strengthen their social skills.
  • Social skills: Sharing experiences and new knowledge with others is particularly important for children's development. The children learn to solve conflicts through play and to improve their verbal communication. They deal with everyday observations and roles and improve their social skills.

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